This question is probably something that every guy has to carry-out in his mind when he is interested in a girl. Exactly how should you know if the girl likes you? This is something that can be a real puzzle to most guys as if the girl is interested in you, she would exhibit particular traits in her behavior. It’s somehow hard to fathom how exactly knowing if a girl like you is going to help.

Regardless of whether the girl is attracted to you or not, there are certain hints and signs which will distinguish whether she likes you or not. You should be able to discover these here.How To Tell If A Girl Likes You? You’ll Know It By The Signs

Hint 1 The girl always has some fun when you are around

She is always not bored and happy. There is always a smile on her face. You will even notice that she tries to amuse herself with concocting humorous topics around you.

Hint 2 Any girl who likes you will be very happy to have a picture of you posted on her profile on social networking sites like Facebook

You may think that this gesture is not important but it is. This is because this gesture will strengthen the connection between you. This is not just Internet usage. This exists in real life too. If you meet a girl in a bus, bus station or other public transport system and she’s smiling at you, this indicates that she likes you.

Hint 3 You will notice that she tries to get extra details about you

She may ask you your e-mail address or cell phone number. She will then promise to call you, sent a text message or email. But, don’t get your hopes up just yet. You must have a conversation with her. It doesn’t mean that you’ll get her number. Sometimes these girls think of only intense emotions like friendship, but they might just be interested in knowing you.

Hint 4 If a girl Likes you, she will keep talking about you

She will inevitably talk about the things that you are fond of like movies or hobbies. She will then ask you to go out some time. But, if the girl never mentions anything about you or does not even talk about you at all, it’s a sign that she is not interested in you.

Hint 5 If a girl likes you, she will find any excuse to see you or be seen by you

She will call to see how you are or even just to visit you at home. She will get in touch with you every day to know how you are. She will send you funny messages and messages asking how you are doing.

Hint 6 Do you notice that a girl tries to find out things about you?

Well, if she is interested in you she would find out things about you. She would be asking your friends things about you, your past loves and those things which you are still not over with. She would spend time to know things about you. Don’t be surprised if she asks you what you like and don’t like. Or, if you are still not Over her, she would be finding any excuse to see you or be by your side.

Hint 7 Do you know that girls can be very jealous?

Girls will always try to take the place of another girl in your life. And she will do this to make you jealous. A girl may just be trying to make you feel the jealous feeling. But, if she is doing it for definite, then it means that she definitely WANTS to be your girlfriend. Remember this and she’s an easy girl in whom you can have the relationship of your life.