Being a mature woman you would want your man to pay equal attention to you and your relationship. But if he is one of those men who have so little regard for you and your views, then it is time to take the matters in your hand and ensure that he listens to your opinions and views too. Here is what you should do if you feel that your man is not giving you attention.

You get the independence to look for the right man.

When you want your man to listen to you and your views then you have to imply one thing to him and that is that you are mature and strong enough to look for the right man for you. If he buys that he will listen to you. No decent woman will want her man to treat her as a sex object.

You don’t want your man to give your body more importance than the size of your kitchen garden and yet you want him to respect you. If you have reached the stage where you feel comfortable with the idea of letting him pay for your restaurant bills then you have raised a red flag and you should level with him.

Act as if you are not serious about him

Some men are run of the mill and are incapable of relating to a woman on any level. If you have been trying to convince him to change and make him listen then you have made a big mistake. Don’t try to use guilt tactics to get him to listen to you. Instead level with him and tell him that you are ready to listen to his point of view. That will make him pay attention.

Tell him what you expect from him

Be frank and candid about your feelings on this issue. level with him about your expectations from your man. He needs to understand that you are not happy with the way things are and want him to be the man that you want him to be.

No matter what tactic you use

You can try all the tricks in the book to get your man listen to you. You can compliment him with flattery and false compliments. But if your man is a man of rather simple mind then he will not take any notice of your tactics. Being loud If you are loud and obnoxious and behave in a manner that is not gentlemanly then you need to forget about getting him to listen to you.

He will turn a blind eye to your misbehavior only because you attract him and hence he responds to your behavior. Now is the time that you had better be held in check, quiet talking cannot change his mentality.

You can be patient and understanding

If you are patient and understand your man well enough to remain calm while talking to him then he will listen to you. You can impress him with your understanding and patience. Don’t hit on him, speak in a low tone and try to pick up the phone at every opportunity while talking to him. Let him ask for your number.

Don’t say what you think he wants to hear

Don’t be a person who says what he thinks he deserves to hear and says it to his face. He will either hear you out with admiration for what a great speaker you are or hear you out in an annoyed tone with actions that show just how much you dislike him.